Erin Keck
We are very fortunate to have Erin Keck return as a guest instructor here at
Running Rabbit Studio.  She is offering her very well received Steampunk style
classes that are wildly popular at National Art retreats all over the country.  
All supplies are included  
You need only provide an apron and a sack lunch for the day.
*** The Fine Print ***

Seating is limited.  Please follow
links to Paypal to register and
purchase one or all classes.   
There is a $50 cancellation fee
and no cancellations or refunds will
be honored 2 weeks prior to class.
Rustic Mica Journal
Paintball Clock
Steampunk Airship
Creative Techniques with Mica - Rustic Mica Journal
Class Description:  Have you ever wanted to learn about the
mineral Mica? It is amazing all of the different techniques that
could be learned with this amazing material. This is a Journal
that we will be constructing using the mineral Mica.  In the
workshop the students will be learning several different
techniques in using Mica with paper arts. A few cold connections
will also be taught. When finished, students will leave with a
beautiful Mica Journal measuring 5” x 5”. Plus, students will have
the knowledge of using Mica in their future creations.

Supplies Needed for Class:

Student Supplies: apron, rag,  Favorite pictures or old tin types
measuring no larger than 3”X3” to put in the journal (I will have
some also),

Teacher will supply: Mica, Copper Foil Tape, All hardware,
screws, nuts, micro screws, hinges, posts, sanding blocks.
Beads, charms, ribbons, and lace for bookmarks. Extra pictures

*** Extra kits will be available for purchase ***

Sunday September 8,2019 9am-400 (1 hour for lunch break)
Steampunk Airship Chime

Description: In this unique workshop we will be making a decorative but
delicate Steampunk Airship Chime made using Vintage Lightbulbs.
Students in this workshop will construct a wire Hot Air Balloon using of all
things a roofing gutter guard and fabric as the hanger.  9 separate Airship
Charms will then be created and attached to the cage balloon.  Each
student will leave with a finished Airship Chime.
This class is for all skill levels

Kit fee includes:
All Viintage lightbulbs, embellishments, hardware to complete chime

*** Extra kits will be available for purchase ***

Students will need to provide: Apron, lap towel

Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 9am-400 (1 hour for lunch break)
Class Description: A favorite of all, everyone loves these unique
Gearflakes. This is not just a holiday decoration but they can be
displayed throughout all seasons. In this workshop students will be
creating 3 Gearflakes made from precut and painted wood. These
Gearflakes will be assembled using adhesive and cold
connections. Students will gain knowledge of balance, dimension
and illusion of movement.

Teacher will provide the following materials: precut wood,
adhesive, hardware,
and embellishments.
Students will need to provide: apron, lap towel

*** Extra kits will be available for purchase ***

(1 1/2 hour dinner break before class)

Saturday eve  September 7, 2019   5:30pm - 8:30
An Assemblage Artist residing in Mechanicsburg, Pa., Erin Keck's artwork results from re purposing found discarded objects. She loves to breathe new
life into castaways from yesteryear. Erin's artwork is shown and sold in three prestigious art galleries in Pa. Brain Vessel Gallery in Mechanicsburg, Pa,
Village Artisans Gallery in Boiling Springs, Pa, and Perry County Council Of The Arts in Newport, Pa. She has been a Featured Artist in two of the
galleries with Private Showings. Recently Erin's work has been published in the book, 1000 Steampunk Creations by Grymm. Seven of her pieces were
chosen for this book. She has taught community craft classes on a monthly basis from 2007 - 2010, and has taught classes at the Charmed I'm Sure
Studio owned by friend and colleague and fellow Art & Soul instructor, Jean Van Brederode. Erin has lectured at the Central Pa. Bead and Jewelry
Society, and has also taught private classes in her home studio. She has taught at Art & Soul retreats for the past eight years, and values the
inspiration and knowledge that she has received from fellow instructors. You can see more of Erin's artwork at (be sure to
view her sold items.)
Sign up for all 4 of Erin's classes!
Receive a 10% discount if you sign up for all 4 classes.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Sept. 6,7 and 8, 2019

All 4 Classes with 10% discount - $265
Kit fees $105
Total $370
6 hour Class
$80 class fee
plus $20 kit fee
3 hour Class
$55 class fee
plus $25 kit fee
Paintball Clock

Who does not like a SPLASH of color?  This workshop was designed
with the idea of not only learning to create through wood assemblage,
but also using color that is vibrant and interesting.  The project will
leave the creator with a new understanding of color expression,
concept of design, and dimensional placement.  The finished clock will
be an amazing addition to any artists studio or anyplace that a bit of
extra color is needed.  The finished clock measures 10”X10”
Students will be provided with all materials needed to create this clock.
We will be using some Deco Art products.

You should bring:
Students should bring an apron and lap rag, also rubber gloves if

*** Extra kits will be available for purchase ***

Friday, September 6, 2019 - 9am-400 (1 hour for lunch break)
Studio directions and information will be
sent with emailed registration confirmation
6 hour Class
$80 class fee
plus $30 kit fee
6 hour Class
$80 class fee
plus $30 kit fee
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