"Journaling Workshops"
***  Mini Workshop  Series ***
Dates and registration coming soon!
For the Mini Workshop Series of Journaling classes, it is highly recommended that everyone take the journal making
workshop first. We then can all start with the same size journal.  When we do have collage sheets to work with in a
class, we will all be working with images that have been sized for our size journal.  This will be a very basic journal,
but ideal as it will lie open flat and be very sturdy.  We will begin by making a cover from sturdy vintage stock report
folders (the journal cover will be collaged at a later date).  Pages will be given a base coat of paint and we will
discuss how pages should be prepped.  Page prep work can be done at home in advance of the following class.
This will be a 2-3 hour class and will have a max of 6 students so that we have plenty of space to spread out and
prepare our journal. As a class fills a new one will open up. All supplies for this journal making workshop will be
provided.  There is a supply kit fee for the materials.
The journal classes should last about 2 hours.  You will be welcome to stay longer to work on your spread if you like.  A small
kit fee will be added to each class to cover incidentals and/or material fees. Take 1 class or take them all.  We will try to cover
a new technique in each class.  Often the same technique will be used in a new way giving different results.  Students will be
given a small recommended supply list.  If you don't have a certain supply or tool, we usually have extras in the studio to share.