Mixed Media Workshops

$ 55.00 for 6 hour workshop

Additional $20 kit fee includes -

Assorted Trinkets
Kiln fired clay face cab
Fiber fill
Other assorted materials

Student supply list-

Several colors of fabrics and beads will be available.

If you are interested in making your Forest Dweller in your choice of colors please bring the following-
2 contrasting colors of quilt weight fabric at  5" X 28" each
Paint to match for face
Beads in various sizes
Trinkets, charms, etc.
Workshop Description - 6 Hour Workshop

Being greatly influenced by the soulful deer that roam her property, Ingrid has been compelled to revisit
her past interest in figurative sculpture by introducing her newest workshop "The Forest Dweller". By
combining animal and human features along with forest elements, a uniquely personalized sculptural
form is created.  The finished piece will be approximately 24" inches tall including antlers and beading
(figure size is 10"). You need only bring a pair of scissors unless you have a specific color or fabric you
would like to use.
"Forest Dweller"
Saturday,  March 2nd. 2019
$55.00 Class fee plus $20 kit fee
9am - 4pm   1 hour lunch (please bring a sack lunch)