***  Collage Sheets now available ***

As requested, Collage Sheets can now be purchased during studio events.  
As new classes are added, related collage sheets will become available.

A store will be added to this website within a few months.  Until that time the collage
sheets are only available through the studio.
Please read "The Fine Print" before registering.
"Spool Journal"  Introductory Version
Published in the current Winter 2019 issue of Art Journaling Magazine
While always trying to push the envelope of what
constitutes a book or journal, I have developed the "Spool
Journal". One day while wrapping yarn on to some of the
spools from my small collection of vintage industrial
spools, I started exploring the idea of using spools as a
structure for journaling.  I immediately got to work on
creating a "Journal" with the look and feel of these old
spools.  I then quickly learned that I love journaling on an
almost never ending page! Imagine a total of 32 feet of
paper to journal on!  We'll be using "Almost Asemic
Writing" along with writing in this flowing style of
journaling, a delightful combination! The spool is 4" X 8"
tall, solid wood construction with metal bands (to replicate
the look of antique spools) and includes a 16' roll of paper.
Running Rabbit Studio Events and
"The Forest Dweller"

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