"De Corporis Humani Fabrica" page prep
Gather the following supplies before beginning this project -
- Several cereal/snack boxes, box board or
Bristol (a stiff dense paper that can be found in
most craft stores)
- Medium grit sandpaper
- ruler
- pencil
- Scissors or Utility knife
- If using a Utility knife, a cutting mat to  
protect work surface
- 2" natural bristle brush (as found at home
improvement centers)
- Gesso or household primer
For this Workshop you should prepare at least 4 pages.
** A few additional notes **

I prefer boxboard over Bristol for my pages.  Boxboard is sturdier and thicker and in my opinion a better choice
for this project.  Bristol can be used as a substitute.  140 lb. watercolor paper can be used also, but is rather costly.

If using Bristol or Watercolor paper for your pages, you do no need to sand your pages and Gessoing is optional.

Large sheets (about 3' X 3 - 4') of box board are free for the taking from large warehouse stores such as Costco
and Sam's Club.  They can be found separating the layers of Paper Towel and Toilet Tissue rolls.  The stores just
recycle these and the stock personal is more than happy to help you pull the box board sheets out from between
the stacks.  I suggest you bring some very large rubber bands so that you can roll them up and get them in your
cart and car more easily.  The box board can be cut down to size with a Utility knife or scissors.
Gather your materials and supplies
including box board.
Using either scissors or a Utility knife,
cut pages to 6" X 10".
You will need at least 4, but make as
many as you like.
If using cereal or snack boxes one
side will probably have a shiny
printed surface.  Sand this both
horizontally and vertically.  Not all
of the image needs to be
removed, but you must at least
sand it enough to break the gloss.
Lightly coat both sides of your
pages with a coat of Gesso or
primer. The pages with images
need not be completely obscured.
"De Corporis
Humani Fabrica"
Pre-class prep
You'll need to start with an old hard bound book.  These can be found at Thrift shops for as
little as $1. Some libraries sell old books also. Please get one with the dimensions as shown -
(Click to enlarge photos)
Bring book cover, end pages and about  50 pages from
the text block to the workshop.
Proper size is very important!  Book should be an absolute minimum of 1 3/4" thick.
Diagram shows MINIMUM width of 7".  Larger width is better.  
Try to find a book with a 9" (or more) width, but absolutely no less then 7".
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Step #2
Step #5
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Step #3
Step #6