"Through the Rabbit-Hole" page prep instructions
Gather the following supplies before beginning this project -
- Several cereal/snack boxes, boxboard or
Bristol (a stiff dense paper that can be found
in most craft stores)
- Medium grit sandpaper
- ruler
- pencil
- Scissors or Utility knife
- If using a Utility knife, a cutting mat to  
protect work surface
- 2" natural bristle brush (as found at home
improvement centers)
- Gesso or white household primer
Gather your materials and supplies including boxboard.
Using either scissors or a Utility knife cut 8 inch squares.  You
will need a minimum of 10, but make as many as you like.
If using cereal or snack boxes one
side might have a shiny printed
surface.  Sand this both
horizontally and vertically.  Not all
of the image needs to be
removed, but you must at least
sand it enough to break the gloss.
Lightly coat all sides of your
pages with a coat of Gesso or
primer. The pages with images
need not be completely obscured.
For this Workshop you should make at least 10 pages  (20 sides when counted as front
and back).  The sample book has 16 and you will be given enough imagery to do at
least 16 pages.  Please prepare as per instructions below and then paint a background
color on all sides. You may want to paint them as matching pages for a complete spread
or paint them all different, or the same.  That is entirely up to you. At the bottom of this
page I have listed the colors I used in the sample book.  These colors of paint match the
imagery included in your kit,  but feel free to use any colors you would like.

*** DO NOT cut holes in pages prior to the workshop. ***
** A few additional notes **

If using Bristol for your pages, you do no need to sand your pages and
Gessoing is optional.  

Please keep in mind that boxboard is by far preferred over Bristol for
your pages.  I only suggest Bristol if gathering  and preparing boxboard
is not an option for you.

Large sheets (about 3' X 3 - 4') of box board are free for the taking from
large warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam's Club.  They can be
found separating the layers of Paper Towel and Toilet Tissue rolls.  The
stores just recycle these and the stock personal
are more than happy to
help you pull the box board sheets out from between the stacks.  I
suggest you bring some very large rubber bands so that you can roll
them up and get them in your cart and car more easily.  The box board
can be cut down to size with a Utility knife or scissors.
These are the Paint colors I used  for the
“Through the Rabbit Hole” sample book

Americana Paints

Buttermilk #DA03

Hauser Light Green #DA131

Flesh Tone #DA078

emon Yellow  #DA011

Sea Breeze #DA256


Light Lavender #516
*** Please note that this tutorial has been updated ***

This is a very time consuming project.  In order for us to cover more on
technique and get more done on our book in class, I am asking that you do
more of the prep work at home prior to the workshop.
* Please note that "Liquitex" brand Gesso is not recommended.  While it may be
a fine product, it does not seem to be well suited for this particular project.