"The Ambrosia Journals"
Workshop description-

This delightful series of journals were selected as
one of the 5 finalists for the award of “Artisan of the
Year 2011” and is show cased in the February 2011
issue of “Cloth, Paper, Scissors”. These stout little
journals with thick pages have a simple and unique
elegance that is enhanced with a beautifully beaded
spine to coordinate with the colors used throughout
the journal. The focus of this workshop is in the
unique binding system of this journal.
-Kit fee - $10.00
Includes 10 1/8th inch thick rectangular
book binding board pages
Waxed linen for the book binding
6-hour workshop
A fast paced workshop suited for all levels
There is no prep work required for this workshop
Student supply list -
About 50 pages from an old paper
back novel
Bone folder
Size 6 glass seed beads (About 4
10 larger end beads (with a hole the
same as size 6 seed beads)
Acrylic paint to match beads, 1 dark
color and 2 lighter colors (small craft
paint jars are fine)
Pencil and white eraser
Small container of Gesso (NOT liquitex
brand) or white household primer
1” utility brush with natural bristles (as
found at Home Improvement centers)
Elmer’s glue

Additional beads, charms and
embellishments for your spine beading
Heat gun if you have, it really helps to
speed up the drying process
White Sharpie Poster Paint Pen fine tip
Uniball black gel pen – BOLD 1.0