"The Bug Book"
Workshop description-

With this new journal format and a love of books, entomology
and journaling combined, I’m delighted to offer “The Bug
Book”.  This is sure to please the beginner as well as the
advanced journaler. The imagery used in this Bug Book has
been compiled over several years as a result of a love for
entomology.  After many years of journaling, I have found
the Binder Format to be the closest thing to the perfect
journal yet. But now rather than a standard binder we’ll
mount these custom made (to my specifications) binder
mechanisms in an old hard bound book cover (that was
surely destined for the landfill). You are provided with
enough entomology collage imagery to make a multitude of
journals pages and add on collage packs will be available
The student supply list is short and simple and you should
already have most things at home. Photos of “The Bug
Book” can be seen at WWW.IngridDijkers.com.  This class is
well suited for all levels.
Kit fee - $15.00
Includes custom made ring binder mechanism
Bug imagery
Boxboard for several pages
Use of templates and many other supplies
Student supply list-

Prepared hard bound book as per online tutorial -
About ¼” stack of pages from this book (or any
other book)
End cover pages from your book (these are the
same as the inside of the covers of your book)
Pencil and white eraser
Bone folder
1” utility brush with natural bristles (as found at
home improvement centers)
Small container of Elmer’s glue
Several sheets of light weight paper (such as  
scrap booking paper) to cover your book in your
choice of colors (see example photos)
Paints (small craft jars are fine)
Off White
A few of your favorite colors

Optional – If you have or we can share
Heat gun
Black Sharpie
Black watercolor pencil
Box cutter and protective cutting surface

Any Bug related ephemera you might like to

Bring Bristol paper if you would like to trace my
templates for later use.