"Butterfly Book"
A charming Butterfly Book that can be used as a journal
or just as a sculptural piece that stands on it's own.
You'll only need a few simple supplies for this workshop.
Finished piece is  6" X 6 1/2". A few different color
choices will be available. If you like, you can bring seed
beads, a few charms and trinkets to dangle from the
spine of this little book (if time permits).  Otherwise, this
can easily be done later at home.
Kit fee $10

Includes antenna, kiln fired clay body,
feathers for hair, and imagery
3-hour workshop
Well suited for beginners
There is no prep work required for this workshop
Student supply list –
-   Scissors
-   Bone folder
- Elmer’s Glue
- Paint, a few colors (craft paint jars are fine)
-   8 sheets of lightweight paper (minimum
size 8.5” X 11”) – This can be an assortment
of plain, colored, decorative (such as scrap
booking paper), pre-painted, specialty papers
(such as acetate), your choice.
- 2 sheets of heavy card stock or Bristol
-   ½ inch paint brush
- Heat gun if you have, or we can share.
- Feel free to bring stickers or additional

Optional -
- Various markers or stamp pads for edging

Optional (for dangle beading on body) –
- Beading needle
- Thread (I use quilting thread)
- Seed beads, a few larger beads and various
charms for front beading embellishment.