"De Corporis Humani Fabrica"
Workshop description - A delightfully creepy exploration into
the world of vintage anatomical illustrations!  Our main focus
will be on reconstructing an old hardbound book and
completing a collage cover for this journal complete with
“specimens” and glass slides.  Then we’ll work on incorporating
additional backgrounds and imagery into our journal pages.  
This journal will be made from a reclaimed hardbound book
and converted into the wildly popular binder format.  An on-line
tutorial is available to prepare the book cover and pages prior
to class, so that precious class time doesn't need to be spent
on a lot of prep work.
Kit fee of $15 Includes custom made  
Binder mechanism, imagery, glass
slides, cardboard slide mailer
plus additional supplies.
6-hour workshop
Well suited for all levels

8-10 sheets of off white softly patterned
scrapbook or decorative paper
Off white,Ocher and brown  paint (craft paint
jars are fine)
Elmer’s glue
1” natural bristle utility brush
Bone folder

Prepared book and Prepped journal pages -
as per on-line tutorial   
(see link below)

Optional items - If you have or we can share-
Heat gun
¼” natural bristle chisel blender brush
Cuticle scissors
A few journaling supplies (paints, pens,
markers, etc)
Any thing you'd like to include in your journal