"Vintage File Folder
A very unique approach to journaling and journal making, this
workshop is more than just constructing a simple journal. We’ll
start by making a 12’ roll of paper from a collection of unusual
papers including - Braille, ledger paper, maps, old blue prints,
pages from hymnals and foreign language books, all of which
will be provided (but feel free to bring your own to share or
trade with classmates). This will all be glued and sewn together
before it’s bound in a cover made from vintage stock File
Folders (including metal tabs). We’ll put this all together with a
simple binding method to complete this eclectic and very
workable unique personal journal. We’ll talk about different
ways of adding to and working in this journal and how to add
beading to the spine.  
$15.00 Kit fee includes -
Metal tab file folders for cover
Waxed book binding linen for binding
A large assortment of papers to work with

I'll bring additional tools, sewing machines and a
good selection of supplies to work with.
Student Supply list -

Elmer's glue
A 1/2" flat brush
A few sheets of softly patterned black papers for
edging (see sample photos)
An assortment of papers you’d like to include or
share/trade with others.

For beaded spine (to be done at home later)-
Size 6 glass seed beads (available at JoAnn
fabrics, Hobby Lobby or Michael's)
A few larger beads, charms and trinkets.

If you have or we can share -
A heat gun
Well suited for all levels
There is no prep work required for this workshop