"Hand Book"
The imagery used in this Hand Book developed out of my love
for doodling combined and the art of Mehndi, the ancient art of
temporary lacework tattoos done with herbal henna.  This
application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration is
used in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh as a ceremonial
art form which originated in ancient India. This 5” X 8” Hand
Book is a unique vessel to capture daily inspirations,
instructions, thoughts or can just be used as a basic journal.  
This workshop will focus on binding this book and getting it
ready for your journaling needs.  You are provided with 5
pages of collage imagery that you can begin working with in
class and easily finish up later at home. Most materials are
included in the provided kit.  The student list is short and
simple.  You should already have most things at home.
Kit fee - $20.00

Includes wooden book covers
12 pre-primed boxboard pages
5 sheets of collage imagery
Waxed linen for the book binding
Use of templates and many other supplies
Student supply list-

Scissors &/or exacto knife with protective cutting
Bone folder
Pencil and white eraser
1” utility brush with natural bristles (as found at
home improvement centers)
Small jar of Elmer’s glue
Paints (small craft jars are fine)
Off White
A few “henna” colors (burnt orange, brown)

Optional – If you have or we can share
Heat gun
1/16” hole punch

Beading is optional and can be done later at home
3-hour workshop
Well suited for beginners
and for those with some experience
There is no prep work required for this workshop