"Into the Crypt"  A tunnel book
A delightfully dark and mildly creepy tunnel book.  Pages and pages of
cleverly designed layouts using vintage imagery draw you in on to this
basically black and white somewhat macabre journey.  Imagery provided
is black printed on buff paper, but color can easily be added if desired.   

Based on a late-medieval allegory on the universality of death: no
matter one's station in life, the “Dance of Death” unites all. The Danse
Macabre consists of the dead or personified Death summoning
representatives from all walks of life to dance along to the grave.
Produced to remind people of the fragility of their lives and how vain
were the glories of earthly life.

This could be a great project for the Halloween season although none
of the imagery is Halloween related (sorry, no pumpkins or witches), but
you could easily include your own.

6-hour workshop well suited for all levels.
Kit fee of $20 Includes
Wooden covers, binder rings,
acetate page, all imagery to
complete 16 (plus) page
book and additional supplies.
Supply list -
Prepared pages as per tutorial
Off white and black paint – small craft paint jars are fine.
Pencil and white eraser
Elmer’s Glue (or your paper adhesive of choice)
Metal Ruler
Bone Folder
Scissors and/or Exacto knife and protective cutting surface (I prefer scissors)
1” Paint brush – Inexpensive brush from a home improvement store is fine
A few sheets of softly patterned off white paper (such as scrapbooking paper)
A few sheets of softly patterned black paper (such as scrapbooking paper)

If you have or we can share -
Heat gun
Watercolor pencils (If you want to add color to your pages)
Cuticle scissors (for cutting out imagery)
¼” chisel paint brush
Compass with pencil
Your usual journaling supplies such as markers, pens etc.