"Over the Edge"
An Instructional Guide for Going Over the Edge
Workshop description - We’ll work on getting those
pages to "pop" (no one likes dull flat pages) and
make the edges of those pages sizzle (gilding on
steroids). This class will help us break away from
the traditional rectangular shaped page. We’ll
explore ways of developing and making other
shapes for pages giving our books more dimension
and interest. The importance of the often neglected
edges of pages will also be emphasized and
worked with. Ingrid’s book "An Instructional Guide
for Going Over the Edge" will be available for
viewing many examples. It displays a plethora of
possibilities using materials we all probably already
have on hand.
Additional $10 kit fee includes chipboard
binder, imagery plus additional supplies.
6-hour workshop
Well suited for all levels
Supply List -
Small container of Gesso or white household primer
Elmer’s Glue
Various paint colors (craft paint jars are fine)
Inexpensive 1" natural bristle brush (as found at home
improvement centers)
Scissors (cuticle scissors if you have)
Bone Folder
Your usual journaling supplies such as - Markers, Gel Pens,
watercolor pencils,
Florist wire 26 gauge
Pencil and white eraser
25 – 35 buttons
1 – 2  cereal/snack boxes or a few sheets of Bristol
Small pair of pliers with wire cutter
Several sheets of Bristol paper if you would like to trace my
stencils for later use
At least 4 prepared pages as per online tutorial (finished
book will hold about 25 pages)

If you have the following or we can share-
Small container of Glaze
Heat gun
Hole puncher- 1/16th" hole