While always trying to push the envelope of what constitutes a book
or journal, I have developed the "Spool Journal". One day while
wrapping yarn on to some of the spools from my small collection of
vintage industrial spools, I started exploring the idea of using spools
as a structure for journaling.  I immediately got to work on creating a
"Journal" with the look and feel of these old spools.  I then quickly
learned that I love journaling on an almost never ending page!
Imagine a total of 32 feet of paper to journal on!  We'll be using
"Almost Asemic Writing" along with writing in this flowing style of
journaling, a delightful combination! The spool is 4" X 8" tall, solid
wood construction with metal bands (to replicate the look of antique
spools) and includes a 16' roll of paper.
$25 kit fee includes
New construction Spool 4" X 8" tall
16' paper roll for journal
Journal closure and ribbon
Use of additional materials
"The Spool Journals"
6-hour workshop
Well suited for all levels
Student supply list-
Natural bristle utility brush (as found at home improvement stores)
A poem to use in your journal
Small container of off white craft paint, Gesso (NOT liquitex brand) or white house hold primer
A few of your favorite paint colors (craft paints are fine)
papers, washy tape or ephemera you might like to include
Tacky glue
Cork backed metal ruler
An interesting large button for closure or use one I provide

If you have the following or we can share
-Heat gun