Student Supply List -
Small container of Gesso, white household primer or off white paint
Various paint colors (craft paint jars are fine)
Elmer’s Glue
Inexpensive 1" natural bristle brush (as found at home improvement
Bone Folder
Pencil and white eraser
4 or 5 sheets of light colored, softly patterned paper (scrap booking
paper or your own geli
prints (on light weight paper), etc
Black 1.0 Uniball gel pen (can be found at office supply stores and
most stores with a school/office
supply section)
If you would like to include urban ephemera from your city of choice,
bring that also

If you have the following or we can share-
Heat gun
Your usual journaling supplies such as - Markers, Gel Pens, watercolor
Beads and embellishments (can be started in class or done later at
Workshop Description-
“Urban Ransom” or “Letters from the Hood”
developed out of a passion for graffiti and
ransom lettering that have merged together to
develop this unique style journal.  Learn a
simple binding method making a journal with
fold out pages.  Work with ransom style letters
provided on collage sheets (with many other
available for purchase) to give your journal a
real urban feel. Later you can add beading and
embellishments to the spine to give your journal
a unique finished look. You need only bring a
few sheets of light weight paper and a few
simple supplies you probably already have on
hand and the rest will be supplied!
6 Hour Workshop

Student Level-
Beginner to Intermediate

Kit fee - $20 - Includes wood covers,
boxboard pages, binding linen, imagery and
use of additional supplies
"Urban Ransom"
Letters from the Hood