Mixed Media / Collage Figures

Mystical, magical mixed media figures and book forms inhabit the vivid imagination of Ingrid
Dijkers, a very creative artist living in Plymouth, Michigan. Dijkers, an American artist, was born in the
Netherlands. With a degree in Fine Arts and an extensive background in travel, her interest has been
stimulated by the many international and classical works of Art dealing with out of the ordinary stories
of real or imaginary personalities. Dijkers’ work has evolved and migrated from one art form to another,
from sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, collage and altered books into a perfect marriage combining all of
these techniques. The marionette-like figures she has produced over the past years have slowly
evolved into intriguing and enigmatic collaged figures to book forms and the wearable art pieces that
she is concentrating on now.

As a life long collector of antique fabrics, vintage trims, buttons and found objects, she incorporates a
wide variety of these into her work. Meticulous attention is given to the usage of unusual and quality
materials, ranging from the most elegant silk brocades and hand beaded Belgian laces to contemporary
metallics. The contrasts provide a wonderful esoteric quality to her work.
Ingrid’s captivating book constructions, figures and wearable pieces inhabit an imaginary world where
anything is possible…One can dream, can’t one?

It takes several months from concept to completion to create a new limited edition series. Ingrid’s
mixed media figures and wearable collage most often incorporate elements that are made of clay,
which adds an intriguing dimension to the construction of these pieces. The original piece is sculpted in
clay. A sectional mold of the original piece is made in order to provide a limited edition of these pieces
at a modest price. After several weeks of drying, slip (liquid clay) is poured into the molds. The piece is
removed from the mold, and further refined, dried and fired in a high temperature kiln. Ingrid has
chosen this labor intensive process to work with as it is a time tested stable medium, unlike many of
the synthetics and plastics being used today. The results are original handcrafted designs painstakingly
hand painted and embellished in unusual and vintage materials.  Each is an individual and no two
pieces are ever exactly the same, each a unique treasure in their own right.
Art Journals

Ingrid has developed a unique, sometimes quirky and playful form of journaling that is uniquely her
 This interest has developed over the years after her interest in Altered books and book binding lead
her on a search for something more.  After exploring many different forms of book binding, Altered Books
and Art Journaling,  she has developed some rather unorthodox variations of her own that has developed
into her own very recognizable style.
.Her books have been shown in Galleries throughout the country
and her work is held in private collections throughout the world.  Ingrid has had her work in many
publications such as several issues of “Art Journaling”, “Somerset Studios” and has written several
articles for "Cloth,Paper,Scissors".  Her work is also showcased in the books “A World of Artist Journal
Pages”, "Inspirational Quotes Illustrated" and "Art Journal Kickstarter, just to name a few.

Ingrid's passion for mixed media has expanded into teaching at
various workshops throughout the country.  

Available Workshops
Please contact her for availability.