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Goblin King 60cm seated
Goblin King close up
Titania 85cm
Collector of Hearts-Contemporary Doll Magazine-64cm seated
2 Figures on Swing
Flight to the Garden 32 cm (figure)
Gaspar Detail
Gaspar-Dwarf 70cm
Figure with Birdcage 32cm
First Doll Made
First Doll Made
Mother and Child Fairy - 86cm
Mother and Child Fairy
Titania 95 cm
8 of Pentacles closeup
8 Of Pentacles
Elfins 15 X 40 cm each
Winter Fairies 85cm
Winter Fairie closeup
Weaver of Tales
Wall Mounted Face
Oberon- back view of wings
Elfin Warrior 80 cm
Flute Player
Drummer 36cm
Time Traveler 15 X 40 cm
Time Traveler detail
Star Collector
Journey to the Arboretum 68 cm
Fairy in Egg 29cm
Weaver of Tales
animal figures 40cm
Fools Baubles
Heart Collector
Flute Player 36 cm
Large Collage Butterfly - 60cm
Time Traveler 15 X 40 cm
Woodsprite 21 X 35 cm
Woodsprite closeup
Fairy in Pod
Solar Figure 10 X 21 cm
Lunar Figure 10 X 21 cm
Dance of the Burgamask 85cm
Dancing Fool -85 cm
Tale Weaver
Squire of the Seelie Court 85cm
Squire of the Seelie Court back view
Off White Figure 87 cm